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Millions of people are learning languages with Babbel — the app built by language learning experts. Why Babbel? Our short, interactive lessons rethink old-school language education to get you speaking a new language with confidence. Learn: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Indonesian, Polish, Norwegian, English. 


Practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills! You'll improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons. Start with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learn new words daily.  Learn: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, English, Arabic and Latin. 


Allow for real native speakers to teach you their language from the streets of their home town through the “Learn with Locals” video clips. Learn: Mexican Spanish, Spanish, French, German, Japanese (Kanji), Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish and English.


MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 80+ of the world’s best. Whether it be in business and leadership, photography, cooking, writing, acting, music, sports and more, MasterClass delivers a world class online learning experience. Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV and FireTV streaming media players.

Harvard University

Over 100 free online courses, are available on the Harvard University teaching platform. Courses are available in 14 distinct areas (1. Arts and Design; 2. Environmental Science; 3. Computer science; 4. Data Science; 5. Science and Engineering; 6. Social Sciences; 7. Educational and Organizational Development; 8. Government, Laws and Politics; 9. History; 10. Humanities; 11. Mathematics and Data Analysis; 12. Medicine and Public Health; 13. Business and Management; 14. Religion and Spirituality) and all of them certified by the University.

Cornell University 

Cornell University, a world renowned and diverse Ivy League institution, is a community of scholars known for intellectual rigor and engaged in deep and broad research, teaching tomorrow's thought leaders to think otherwise, care for others, and create and disseminate knowledge with a public purpose. Once called "the first American university" by educational historian Frederick Rudolph, Cornell represents a distinctive mix of eminent scholarship and democratic ideals. Free online courses in a variety of subjects can be found, which can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee.

Google Online Classes

Discover a wide variety of free learning content designed to help you grow your business or boost your career. You can learn by selecting individual modules or taking the full course if you prefer. The 19 available courses focus on Data and technology, Digital Marketing (with an IAB certificate) and Personal Development.

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