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We built this website to share all the cool online experiences and free resources we’ve discovered while in quarantine.


This website has a lot of fun things to do online, from live concerts to kids crafts and everything in between. You’ll find 3D tours of the best museums in the world, best practices for home exercise & DIY, free classes online at Harvard and other institutions, cooking classes, free online concerts, best of lists for films, documentaries, shows and Ted Talks, and much more.


From the beginning of the quarantine, we’ve been trying to make the best of our situation with the hope of making this the best staycation ever.


We hope this helps you make the best of your time during quarantine


Please feel free to share with others😊


Sean Wolfington Jr            (Sophomore at Belen High School)

Maria Wolfington              (8th grade at Carrollton School)

Bella Wolfington                (6th grade at Carrollton School)

Ana Cristina Wolfington   (5th grade at Carrollton School)

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